International Dog Show Rogaland, Stavanger
Judge: Arne Foss

"Ciya" Illizit Ciya' On The Podium
Excellent, ck, winner of junior class (3 entries), Junior CACIB, 2. Best Bitch

She now has 2x Junior CACIB, only missing one for her first champion title

10 months, very pleasant and typical junior, nice siluette, appealing feminin head, nice earset, good eyecolour, great expression, ok muzzle, correct bite, good neck, typical topline and tailset, nice paws, summer coat, steady movement with enough reach and power, well pigmented, pleasant temperament, very well shown, very pleasant junior with a typical way of holding herself when moving

"Blizz" Jaydean Nordic Blizzard

Excellent, ck, winner of veteran class (1 entry), Veteran CACIB, Best Bitch, BEST OF BREED, BEST OF BREED VETERAN

10 years young, an excellent veteran, with very pleasant breedtype, feminin appealing head, good expression, correct bone, nice paws, excellent body, summer coat, very good movement with a nice way of holding herself, low head when moving, typical siluette, well shown, pleasant temperament

9 Border Collies entered

The judge loved Blizz and Ciya and gave me lots of nice words afterwards. He especially loved Blizz, and praised such a "young" looking veteran!!


Home after 5 perfect days in Denmark, at the island of Bornholm. The island is called "the sunny island" - and for a reason! We got 5 days with approximately 25-30 degrees celsius and lots of SUN! 

We combined this trip as a vacation/dog show weekend, and used our time after the dogshow on sightseeing and hanging out with friends. 

First day at DKK's 125 year anniversary dogshow at Bornholm

"Ciya" lllizit Ciya' On The Podium

Her first ever dog show, 9 months and 10 days old! 

She got Excellent, ck, won her class (3 entries), got her first Danish Junior Certificate and also her first Junior CACIB. In addition to all this she also won her first title "JUNIOR HAMMERHUSVINDER 2022!!"

"Acme" Illizit Attain The Acme Of Ideal got Excellent, ck, won champion class (4 entries), won CACIB (she is already International Champion), got her third Danish Certificate and therefore became - NEW DANISH CHAMPION - She also won Best Bitch and Best Of Opposite sex! And got a new title to her name: "HAMMERHUSVINDER 2022"

"Blizz" Jaydean Nordic Blizzard was placed as number two in veteran class with res. vet. CAC

17 Border Collies entered 


Another HOT day in Denmark

"Acme" Illizit Attain The Acme Of Ideal

Excellent, ck, winner of championclass (3 entries), Best Bitch, Nordic Certificate and - BEST OF BREED - with another title to her name: "JUBILÆUMS VINDER 2022"

15 Border Collies entered 


What a GOLDEN week we have had in Sweden!

4 days of agility at Fredriksskans IP, and some time for sightseeing in both Kalmar and Öland on the days off.

Acme and Libi have been some SUPER STARS on the agility course.

We have been challenged with fun, difficult and very long courses that have given us a real rush! The competition has been tough, with approximately 1300 registered dogs in total every day - and it is extra fun to come home with a load of prizes and rosettes.

Libi and Hanne have collected 5 prizes, 4 CLEAN runs with promotions to grade2. 1x 2nd place, 2x 3rd place, 1x 4th place and 1x 6th place during the week. Now they have two promotions in both agility and jumping.

Acme ran two CLEAN runs in class 2. agility, and now only needs one more before she is a full-time class 3 dog. She also took second place in the last run!

A FANTASTIC event, with nice company and lots of good agility! Already looking forward to the next Guldagility.


Proud of my puppy buyer, Merete, who was at NKK Sandefjord 2022 today and showed Silva. We received a great critique of her from judge Lill Bredvold, who also gave her Best in Breed and Honour prize.

Critique translated into English:

7.5 months, feminine bitch with excellent proportions. Beautiful head and expression. Beautiful eyes. Muzzle enough filled for age. Very good neck, wish for a more laid-back shoulder. Straight upper arm. Very good topline. For the day somewhat narrow in the chest, but with a well-placed breastbone. Somewhat fine bones, but in strong development. Excellent paws. Excellent angled behind. Moves a little narrow behind, should eventually stabilize in front, sufficient steps from the side. Beautiful coat and colour. Cheerful, excellent temperament. Well shown.


All of my four girls have been VERY good today!

Illizit Blow Your Mind "Libi" has been to an International dogshow in Sweden with Hanne. She became Best bitch, collected another CACIB and won Best of Breed!

Illizit Chasing Victory "Silva" attended her first puppy show and got a super critique, and honour prize

Illizit Attain The Acme Of Ideal "Acme" and Jaydean Nordic Blizzard "Blizz" entered another Rally-Obedience competition. Gaining their third 1. Price, ready to compete in grade 3, and got another title:

- RL2 -

Acme also got a 3. PLACE

Blizz got some faults for a skewed sit and me being to eager to switch positions, but other than that she worked so well aswell!

Rally Obedience 07.05.2022

It's been a long time since we last competed in Rally Obedience! Both Acme and Blizz had their debut in grade 2 in 2020, and they both got a first price with promotion to grade 3. 

1,5 years later we entered a competition again. 

Blizz won grade 2 with 200 out of 200 points. She got directly qualified for grade 3, and her second first price towards a title. 

Acme got a third place in grade 2 with 197 out of 200 points. She also got directly qualified for grade 3, and also her second first price towards a title. 

Hopefully they will both get their last first price towards their title on the next competition, and we can start training towards grade 3 which they are already qualified for! 

Acme agility 29.04.22 - 30.04.22

Acme WON her first grade 3 competition in Fredrikstad, and also got another first place and second place in agility grade 2


25.02.2022, 26.02.2022 & 27.02.2022
Acme "debuted" in agility after her first litter. It was her first time in the new hight class, where she can jump on 40-50 cm jumps instead of the previous class with 50-60 cm jumps. 


We have really struggled with the jumps earlier. Lots of very good runs with just small mistakes like a dropped bar, giving us 5 faults and no promotion for higher grades in agility. 

But this weekend she ran ALL runs CLEAN!! She therefore got 5 CLEAN runs, with promotion for the next class and (icing on the cake) she also won all of the classes. 

That means she is now ready for grade 3 in jumping, and grade 2 in agility. 

Our C-litter have arrived!

Look up the litter for any information about the parents and our C-Litter


Acme is finally confirmed pregnant by ultrasound! Look up the litter for any information about the parents and our future C-Litter


NKK Int. Rogaland - Orre

So proud of my youngest girl "Libi"! At this weekends dog show she got her first CACIB, and also won BEST OF BREED. She lives in co-ownership with Hanne, and is handled and shown to perfection by her. 

Judge: Augustin Ionescu, Romania


"Correct type with good head expression. Good coat quality. Correct body. Moves well. Good temperament."


Cody had his debut in Rally-Obedience today, and managed to get his first 1. price. Only two more and he will be competing in class 2. 

RL1 Illizit Blow Your Mind

Even though 2020 gave us several lockdowns and fewer competitions, our youngster Libi still managed to get her first working title "RL1". She attended 6 Rally-competitions, and 4 of them was with 1.price. 

Blueberry and Rally-Obedience

Both of my keeper puppies (after Blizz x Connor), Libi and Cody, has now had their debut in agility blueberry competition and Rally-Obedience! 

  • LIBI won her first run in agility - blueberry competition :D

  • CODY got third place in one of his blueberry runs :D 

09.02.2020 Fredericia Denmark

Illizit Blow Your Mind "Libi" attended her first international dog show in Denmark and was awarded Best Junior Bitch with her first Junior CC 

19.01.2020 Stovner Hundeklubb Kløfta

Blizz won Jumping class, and is now ready for grade 2!! 

Grade 2 jumping - Acme

After another competition, this time in Sweden, Acme is now officially in grade 2 jumping :D 

Blizz is now only one clear round away from being a complete grade 2 dog aswell!  

29.12.2019 Kongsvingerhallen

Another great competition weekend that ended with two podium placements for Acme! First in agility, and second in jumping :) 

24.11.2019 Last Puppyshow

Time flies by way to fast! My two keepers from the B-litter has already been to their last puppy show. Next time they will be in juniorclass. Can't believe it! 

Once again they did me proud! 

Illizit Breaking Records "Cody" 
Best Male and Best of Breed 

Illizit Blow Your Mind "Libi" 
Best Bitch and Best Opposite Sex 

23.11.2019 - Rally Obedience - Blizz

Only three competitions. Three 1. prices later and Blizz is ready for grade 2 Rally Obedience. She has also gotten her first Rally-title: RL1 

Can't wait to continue competing with Blizz in grade 2! 

DOGS4ALL 2019 - Puppy Show

ILLIZIT Breaking Records "Cody" 

"Very attractive male puppy with good sex characteristics. Prima size and nice proportions. Well cut head and correct bite. Well shaped eyes. Good neck and front. Well angled rear. Free breed characteristic movements. Prima fur and colors. Lovely temperament"

DOGS4ALL 2019 - Agility

For the first time ever, we chose to run agility at Dogs4All this year- The Norwegian Winner Show in Norway. I am so glad we did because ACME WON HER FIRST JUMPING CLASS!!!! 

I am so proud of my baby! 

09.11.2019 Puppy-Show Letohallen

Another great win for my youngest girl, Libi! 

I am so proud of my (match made in heaven) co-owner, Hanne. She went for another puppy show with Libi, and got another Best of Breed win. I love the critique, and nice words about our hope for the future.

ILLIZIT Blow Your Mind "Libi": Best Bitch and Best of Breed
"flott velvett hode, fine ører, god hals, godt tilabkelate skulkdre, bra rygg og underlinje, bra ansatt hale, tråkker godt under seg i beveg, herlig temprement" 

"Nicely rounded head, nice ears, good neck, well laid shoulders, good back- and underline, well set tail, treads well while moving, lovely temperament" 

03.11.2019 BEST IN SHOW

WHAT CAN I SAY??????!!! 

I am so incredible proud of my youngest boy Cody, and my co-owner Karoline! They went for another show - and got home with nothing less than a BEST IN SHOW title. 

So proud and happy for them both, and eager to follow their journey together with his bigger sister (the irish setter) Nelly! 

ILLIZIT Breaking Records "Cody": Best Male, Best of Breed, Best in Group and BEST IN SHOW 

03.11.2019 Agility competition

We had a lovely time at our first agility competition since Norway was on lock down because of the unknow dog disease. 

I think both Acme and Blizz were happy that the break was over, because I can surely say they gave it all at this competition. 

Blizz got a second place in jumping, with promotion to class 2! Her agilityrun was also fantastic, but sadly a bar dropped right before the finish line. Otherwise she would have gotten a podium placement at this run aswell. 

Acme had two great runs with so much power. Sadly, she got one disq in agility and 5 faults in jumping. 

PUPPY MEETING 02.11.2019

We had our first puppy meeting for the B-litter in the beginning of November. 4 out of 7 puppies could make it this time - and we had a fabulous time together. So nice to see all of them develop the way I was hoping for. They are energetic, easy going and lovely to train. 

We spent the day training some obedience and puppy-agility exercises, going for a walk and socializing around the campfire eating lunch. 


20.10.2019 Rally Obedience

Blizz wins her second Rally Obedience competition with 200 out of 200 points! She is now ready for grade 2 in Rally, but needs another 1. price for her RL1 title. I am so proud of her !! 

Acme got her third 1. price, and can now add RL1 to her name 

24.08.2019 Puppyshow and Rally-Obedience

~~~ Illizit Blow Your Mind "Libi"~~~
Best of Breed Puppy, Best In Group 1 & BEST IN SHOW 4!!!

~~~Illizit Breaking Records "Cody" ~~~
Best Opposite Puppy

~~~Jaydean Nordic Blizzard "Blizz" ~~~
Debut in Rally-Obedience with 1.price and promotion 

Herding training

Once again, super-pups!

Once again these two puppies have entered the showring. A double dogshow for puppies, and both Libi and Cody entered :) So proud of them both!! 

10.08.2019 Kjeksrud, Linda 
Best of Opposite puppy
"4 mnd, kraftfull tispevalp, feminint hode og uttrykk, noe vel markert stopp og rundt skalleparti, mørke noe små øyne, tilstrekkelig hals og nakke, god kroppslengde, velkroppet, velansatt og velbåren hale, noe avrundet i krysset, kraftfull benstamme, gode poter, beveger seg med tilstrekkelig driv, noe understilt og smal bak. Meget lovende pels og farge" 

10.08.2019 Kjeksrud, Linda 
Best of Breed Puppy
"4 mnd, kraftfull hannvalp, maskulint hode og uttrykk, noe rundt skalleparti, velansatte ører, tilstrekkelig hals og nakke, utmerket overlinje, god kroppslengde, kraftfullt bakparti, velansatt og velbåren hale, benstamme til størrelse, gode poter, beveger seg med rasetypiske bevegelser, energisk og tilgjengelig, lovende pels og farge" 

11.08.2019 Tschokkinen, Jetta 
Best of Opposite puppy
"4mnd, velutv bak, m lovande hode, tilstr stopp, mørke øgon, bra øron, bra kropp, typ vinkler, bra tassar, rør seg m bra steg, bra temp"

11.08.2019 Tschokkinen, Jetta
Best of Breed puppy
"4mnd, bra prop, bra linjer i hode, tilstr stopp, bra øron og øgon, br tassar og ben, velutv kropp, rør seg bra, herlig temp"

Puppy shows

Libi and Cody's show career has finally begun! They are doing a brilliant job!

27.07.2019 Golubović, Jovica
ILLIZIT Blow Your Mind “Libi”
Best Of Breed puppy
“good prop. tip. head. corr topline, g angul. chest enough deepth. enough movment. very promising”

28.07.2019 Lokodi, Csaba Zsolt
ILLIZIT Breaking Records “Cody”
Best Of Breed puppy
“nice head, corr bite, very typ mov, very well ang, still very puppy dog, very promising”

1x Nordic & 2x International Dog Shows Vejen 20.06.2019-23.06.2019

We traveled to Denmark for a long midsummer weekend with dogshows and great company. We absolutely love Denmark in the summer both the lovely beaches, nice weather and ice cream. It always feels like a holiday, and not so much a competition weekend. I also adore the danish people and our lovely friends over there. They are so welcoming and hospitable that I wish we could stay longer every time. 

Since Blizz had puppies recently she was not entered in the shows, but she came with us regardless for the trip. Acme was our only dog entered at the show, and our main hope was to collect two CC`s during the weekend to fullfill her Champion title. 

I think she showed herself with great professionality- and I absolutely LOVE to run with her in the ring! She is a sweetheart, but she has so much power aswell. The two first days of the show weekend was not our best when it comes to results. She was blaced as number 3 both days - and I am a bit surprised about that! The last day was more exciting. The Australian judge loved her to bits, and she awarded her with one of the two CC`s we came for. I am so happy and proud of my little girl! 

We will surely come back to Denmark and fight for her last CC - but also for the opportunity to meet good friends and eat lots of good food! 

Rally-Obedience 10.06.19

Acme did me proud once again. Only her second Rally-Obedience competition, and I have to say it has been minimal with Rally training since her last time, but she still managed to get a podium placement with 200 out of 200 points. The winner was only 2 seconds faster then us.

Now we only need one more first price and she will have a brand new title to her name ;)  

Rally-Obedience and International Champion

Acme attended her first Rally-Obedience competition (28.04.2019). She has never been trained for this, but know basic obedience. It was the first time for both of us. 

We managed to get a 1.price, and our first step towards grade 2 (and a title)!! She is just super-awesome this one. 

We also got our diploma, and mail from FCI the other day, that her INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION title is approved officially. She is officially an Internation Champion!!!! 

New pictures!

You can find new 4-weeks-old pictures of the puppies at their own page "B-LITTER" 

......or, check out our facebookpage "Kennel Illizit" for more updates and videos! 


We are expecting puppies after Blizz and Connor in March! Look them up at the puppy page under B-Litter :D 

International Show Champion

Acme started the year of 2019 by winning the last CACIB she needs for her International Show Champion title!!!! 

My Dog, Gothenburg 2019


Once again, one of my dogs brings home the status of TOP WINNING BORDER COLLIE IN NORWAY. Acme is the winner this year!!!

Since Norway have very strict rules regarding shows for Border Collie, we can not participate at very many during the year (unfortunately). Nevertheless, we enjoy the ones we can enter, and even more the fact that we managed to get this title once again :D 

Balancing all the activities we enter during the year is both hard and super fun. We have finally started to become more active in the agility competitions again, and I will promise you that we will be even more active in 2019.

Norwegian Open 2018

One of the most exciting agility happenings in Norway during the year is the Norwegian Open! This year it was arranged right after the World Championship in Sweden, therefore many competitors from all over the world took the trip to Kongsvingerhallen and the moose hunt at NO. It is well known that the most wanted price at NO is the moose-teddybears you get if you win, or get a placement near the top. 

NO for us is maybe the greatest competition we can participate at. Artificial grass is what my girls like to run on the most, and the courses and judges we get at the competition is top notch. To run Open runs with 200-300 other large dogs, including world champions and "celebrities" in the agility world is a feeling you can't get tired of. 

This year I got to run with both Acme and Blizz. Acme took care of all open runs Friday including all official runs Saturday and Sunday. While Blizz got to run official runs Saturday and Sunday. The feeling we ran with this weekend is beyond any other competition we have run together as a team. The flow we managed to chare, and the elements we conquered together I am very proud of. 

Blizz ran two clean runs, both in Agility (she is now finally ready for grade 2), one jumping run with only one bar down, and one disqualified run (but a very nice disq). Acme ran one clean run and the rest was with only some bars down. 

The most amazing feeling was standing on the FIRST and SECOND place in the same agility run with both of my girls!! If you want to see our runs on video, you can find them on youtube ;) 


My new accessory for my car. Designed by: Jb-Design 

DNA testing Blizz

Super happy to announce that Jaydean Nordic Blizzard is clear from the hereditary diseases Raine Syndrome and Glaucoma & Goniodysgenesis!! Results N/N!!!! 


Acme Agility Fredrikstad


Training with Acme on sheeps 



For the first time ever I have participated at a herding class with Acme. It was sooo much fun, and went much better than expected. It was amazing to see when she understood her tasks and we got to communicate and work together to move the sheeps. I will continue to train her on sheeps from now on, and have already signed us up for another class when summer ends this year!! 


Illizit Attain The Acme Of Ideal "Acme" got Excellent, winner of open class, CQ, Best Bitch & Best of Breed with Crufts Qualification and CACIB

She was wearing my lucky number, and boy did it do its job once again!!! 

01.06.2018-03.06.2018 Norwegian Championship Agility

Entering both of my girls at the Norwegian Championship competition in agility was a fantastic experience. The event was so well organized and we enjoyed every minute of it. We were 5 dogs and three girls on tour, camping in a tent the whole weekend. 

Both Acme and Blizz were entered in agility 1 and jumping 1, but Acme did so good she qualified for the finals on sunday. She got to run two more runs where one of them was a CLEAN RUN and the other one was a disqualification.. 

Nevertheless, Acme got one fifth place in Agility and one third place in the final jumping run. Blizz got a fifth place in jumping 1.

A great weekend with amazing friends! 

20.05.2018 Romeriksstevnet på Brårud

Acme got a 5th place in Agility class1, and Blizz got a 6th place in Jump class1 :D

Roskilde 11.05.2018-13.05.2018

An amazing weekend in Denmark is over. Both Acme and Blizz was supposed to participate, but since Blizz lost all of her coat before the show I decided to just show Acme. 

11.05.2018 Nordic Championship Show, judge Per Svarstad 
Illizit Attain The Acme Of Ideal "Acme"
Best in Open Class, CQ, Best Bitch and Best Of Breed with CAC & Nordic CAC !!!!!

12.05.2018 International Dog Show, judge Miroslaw Redlicki 
Illizit Attain The Acme Of Ideal "Acme"
Best in Open Class, CQ, Second Best Bitch with CACIB & res-CAC

13.05.2018 International Dog Show, judge Bo Skalin 
Illizit Attain The Acme Of Ideal "Acme" 
Best in Open Class, CQ, Second Best Bitch with CACIB & res-CAC

31.03.2018 INT. Malmö

Jaydean Nordic Blizzard 


Blizz got the last CACIB that she needed from another country for her Int. Sh. Ch. (C.I.E) title :D She became best bitch and Best of Breed w/ CACIB in Sweden. So happy and proud of her 



Acme had to travel with her grandmother and grandfather to the exhibition in Kristiansand, because I was at home with the flu. They got supricingly great results. 

Illizit Attain The Acme Of Ideal "Acme" became best bitch, BEST OF BREED w/CACIB, and got this amazing critique:

Judge Linda Kjeksrud
"22 months, excellent type. Exceptional. Feminine head and expression. Beautiful and well-cut head. Dark eyes. Well-placed and well worn ears. Correct bite. Sufficient throat and neck. Adequate body. Well-formed chest with good depth. Well-tanned and well-worn tail. Excellent fur and color. Moves with good drive, easy and energetic "

08.03.18 CRUFTS


Our annual trip to Crufts in England was just as good, if not better than previous years. This was my 10th year anniversary at the greatest dog show in the world. We could not go through that trip without a run on the green carpet to celebrate. 

I have a special friend in England. The owner of Blizz's brother, Eddie. She was kind enough to let me show Eddie once again at Crufts. Our first time together was in 2016, and now 2 years later I got to meet him again. For me, Crufts is something extraordinary. To stand in the middle of the ring to show your dog for the judge, surrounded by many other competitors and people outside the ring watching as an audience. It is almost impossible to describe the feeling. For me at least. 

We had no expectations before we entered. First of all, Eddie and I have only met twice with only a few hours to bond before we entered the ring. Second of all, the competition is HIGH!!!! 

But, we had a fabulous day. We enjoyed each others company and worked well together once again. After the individual evaluation, we got shortlisted to the last five dogs out of a class of 26. AND GOT PLACED AS 3rd IN LIMIT DOG. We were over the moon happy, and so proud of our partnership. 

Love you, Eddie and Sandra 


Jaydean Nordic Blizzard

We came all the way to Fredericia Denmark in hope for a CAC and/or a CACIB! Blizz won the open class, and became second best bitch behind a junior girl. We did not get any CAC, but because the winner was a junior we got the CACIB luckily :D One more and she is an international show champion !!! 

22.11.17 DogArena

Since Acme is still a youngster, she got to compete in something called a "blueberry competition" in Agility. The competition lasted over several weeks, so they called it a blueberry cup. 

First competition: she disqualified both runs
Second competition: she ended up winning and got herself qualified for the grand finale
Third competition: she ended up in second place 

And at the big finale, she won it all!! We won a personal training session in the DogArena hall - and fame and glory ;)


What an amazing day we had! 

Winner of intermediate class, CQ, Best Bitch and BEST OF BREED. She became Norwegian Winner 2017, 2. Top Winning Border Collie 2017 in Norway and Crufts Qualified for the second time this year :D 

Second in open class, CQ, third best bitch (naked!!), but during the year she has accomplished many great wins and became TOP WINNING BORDER COLLIE 2017 IN NORWAY 


Winner of Junior Class, CQ, JUNIOR COPENHAGEN WINNER and 3. Best Bitch 

03.09.17 Drøbak Hundeklubb

4. Place in Jumping Agility with Blizz :D 5 faults, so no promotion for class 2.. 

19.08.17 NKK Lillehammer

Blizz did it again. Best Bitch, BEST OF BREED and CACIB. 

"Very nice bitch, maybe a little bit heavy for a bitch, but lovely prop and siluett, typ top and underline, very nice front and rear angu, lovely head with nice expression, lovely color and markings, typ on the move, nice front feet, lovely temp and expression"

NKK Int. Trondheim 02.07.17

Blizz became Best Bitch, Best of Breed with CACIB in Trondheim! So proud: 

"Quality girl. Ex. type. Typ. head. Well set ear. Good shoulder, topline and rearquarters. Strong and positive on the move with the stealthy actione required. Impressive handling. Would just prefer little more muscletone on the rearquarters."

NKK Int. Oslo 11.06.17

Acme and I attended the Norwegian Kennel Club`s qualification show for Crufts. She is currently in her first shedding season, and she is NAKED! Still, I hoped for a qualification as both Junior BOB & Junior BOS gets it. I am proud to announce that


NKK Int. Kristiansand 19.03.17

Another great weekend for my dogs! Our showteam yet on another trip around somewhere in Norway. 

Winner of Junior Class, Best Bitch and Best Of Breed!!!

Got Very Good and 2. best intermediate bitch 

ZICOSTAFFS HEART OF DARKNESS "Flash" (owned by Marthe Karling) 
ck and 3. best intermediate dog 

NKK Int. Bø i Telemark 18.02.17


Winner of Junior class and Second best bitch


Winner of Open Class, Best Bitch, Best of Breed and Cacib

NHL Int. Drammen Travpark 05.02.17


Best of Breed Intermediate Dogs and challenge certificate


Best of Breed Adult Dogs, challenge certificate, Best in Group and BEST IN SHOW 4!!

Rakkestad Hundeklubb "Østfoldvalpen" 27.11.16


OMG! Last puppy show and Acme finished off winning Best of Breed, Best in Group and RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW!!! 

Her puppy career has blown me away, and I can't wait to show her in Junior Class in February! 

Norwegian Winner Show 19.11.2016


Puppy class at the Norwegian Winnershow in Lillestrøm. Oreo second best female puppy 6-9 months, with handler Dina. Acme Best of Breed, short-listed and Best in Group 3!!!!!!

Puppy Gathering

WE HAVE HAD OUR FIRST PUPPY MEETUP!! Blizz's babies were all invited to play, train and have fun together the 11th of September. First we went for a short walk where they got to run and play together in the fields. After lunch the puppies had to show off what they know regarding obedience, trix and recalls in an unofficial competition. At last we went through the basics of groundrules within shows. 

I am so proud of my Bolek x Blizz litter. They are super cute, super happy, super active and super lovable!! Can not wait to watch them grow up to become adult dogs! Thanks to all owners for the great job you do with them! 

Hugs and kisses from sister Acme and mother Blizz! 

Moss og Omeng Hundeklubb 31.07.16


OMG!! What a debut for Acme and I. We have been to our first dogshow together, and it went beyond all expectations!!

First, Acme competed against her beautiful sister, Oreo in 4-6 months. Acme was placed as number one and Oreo as number two. 

Thereafter, Acme won Best of Breed, Best in Group and got a strong BIS3 placement.... So so proud of her! 

NKK Trondheim and NCK avd. Trøndelag


02.07.16 NKK Trondheim
Excellent, ck and 3 in junior class 

03.07.16 Nck avd. Trøndelag
Very good and 2 in junior class

NKK Drammen IDS and DKK Vejen IDS

Eby captured the Norwegian Junior qualification for Crufts at DKK Drammen 06.06.16! 

Enya won Junior class at DKK Vejen 10.06.16, but she is still hunting for qualifications and titles. 


The puppies have arrived!!! Look them up in the banner called "Puppies" !!

Crufts 12.03.16

Team Jaydean had a lovely time at Crufts 2016! Rikke showed "Jaydean Nice Guy Eddie" (litterbrother to Blizz) in mid limit and limit class, and was shortlisted to the last 7 in mid limit❤️ 

A lovely trip!!

Norwegian Winner Show 17.10.15


What a weekend!! 

At the Norwegian Winnershow in Hamar, Blizz became Best of Breed with CACIB. She got the Norwegian winnertitle 2015, but she also became 


The third year in a row she gets this title. Superduper proud of my little sweetheart, now named 

<3 NOJW-13 NOW-13/15 Jaydean Nordic Blizzard <3 



International dogshow in Orre, Stavanger. Blizz became Best of Breed with CACIB collecting her third BOB win this year. 


European Dog Show 2015 - Oslo, Norway 

Blizz worked so well in the ring and was placed as no. 4 in Open Class Bitches 

Our next show will be 26-27 september in Stavanger, Norway. We can not wait!



Blizz attended another agility competition. Two lovely runs with speed and joy! No greater results, but we had lots of fun. 



Blizz competed in Agility class 1 at Lista Flypark, and run into a 3rd place with promotion to AG2.



Another great show with my Border Collie beauty. Blizz became Best of Breed with CACIB for judge Paul Lawless today. She gained her 9th BOB and 5th CACIB result. So proud!

"3 y old, beautiful type. Very attractive head – lovely eye+expr. Ears: good size, well placed. Lovely reach of neck – excellent topline + corp. Angulations good front+rear. Well presented and handled. Nicely seduced side gait. Could be a little clever coming towards on the move."



Blizz sets the standard for 2015! Best of Breed with CACIB in Kristiansand.



Second year in a row, Blizz becomes Top Winning Border Collie in Norway! 



Blizz is playing an obedience dog and gets second place with promotion to class 2.


NJV-13 NV-13 Jaydean Nordic Blizzard Best of Breed with CACIB for an australian judge at Bjerke.



World Dog Show in Finland was an amazing experience. Blizz became 3rd in Open Class for an australian judge.



Blizz was placed 3rd in her class with promotion to class 2



Best of Breed with CACIB at the international dogshow in Kristiansand, Norway.



First show in 2014 - Best of Breed, CACIB and shortlisted in the group at Bø.



Blizz is Top Winning Border Collie at shows in Norway 2013.



Ending 2013 with Best of Breed, Best in Group and BEST IN SHOW at the international dogshow in Drammen, held by NHL.