AD: A (0:0)
OCD: Free (0:0)

AD: A (0:0)

Both parents have been DNA-tested clear of these genetically diseases: CEA/CH, TNS, NCL, MDR1, IGS & Glaucoma/Goniodysgenesis, that means that none of the puppies from this litter will ever develop these diseases. The father is also tested clear of DM and Blizz is tested clear of OI. 

Both parents have been x-rayed for HD and ED with top results (A/A & 0/0), and the father is also x-rayed for OCD with the result 0/0. 

Both of them have been eye examined clear as puppies, and at their last check-up in 2018. 


---The puppies were born the 26th of March 2019---
---7 black and white puppies, 6 males and 1 female---

Borderline Country O'Connor is an Austrian bred Border Collie that lives with Katja and Dani at VikingVision Border Collies. He is co-owned with the breeder, Heidi Poshnacher, Borderline Country Border Collies. To mention a few results he is International Champion (CIE) Slo Grand Ch, SK Grand Ch, AUT, HU, SLO, SK & German Ch.

Connor is a lovely and outgoing male from superb lines. He works as a therapy dog and has also done some obedience and herding. I love his personality and size, and I have so high expectations for this litter. 

Illizit Breaking Records "Berkley" 

New name is "Cody" 

Lives with Karoline in co-ownership 

Illizit Beck And Call "Beckett"

His name will continue to be "Beckett" 

Illizit Been There Done That "Bennett" 

New name is "Tino" 

Illizit Bradley Cooper "Bradley"

His name will continue to be "Bradley"

Illizit Blood And Sand "Braxton"

New name is "Cody" 

Illizit Best For Last "Brayden" 

New name is "Brady"

Illizit Blow Your Mind "Brenna"

New name is "Libi" 

Lives with Hanne in co-ownership