Lundecock's Illicit Blizz



Breed: Rough Collie

Sex: Female

Born: 03.06.2005

Color: Blue Merle

Breeder: Johnny Andersson - Lundecock's

(KORAD S DK NUCH Cronys Italian Storymaker X Vanity Vision From My Fantasy)

Tina was the first dog registered on me. She has been my show dog, training buddy and hiking companion for many years.

We were not very active in the show ring, but her major highlight was without a doubt when she became CAC winner at the World Dog Show in Paris 2011. She also accomplished other great placements at NKK-shows in Norway in her early years. 

Tina was the sweetest girl and everybody loved her. She was a great big sister to Blizz and taught her the difference between right and wrong. 

Both agility and obedience is something we have done together, but after a while realized was more a hassle than an enjoyment for her. 

She is the reason why I wanted to name my first Border Collie "Blizz", and why I ended up with "Illizit" as my kennel prefix.

She will always be missed, and have a safe place in my heart!